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Our commercial equipment and pressure washing expertise are not only useful for your home, but for the hard-to-clean concrete and brick surfaces around your home as well. Our Technicians have extensive experience and knowledge in cleaning: Driveways,Patios,Walkways,Decks,Stoops and Pool Decks. We are committed to providing you with the best in flat-surface cleaning. Many pressure washing companies use a side-to-side sweeping motion to clean various flat surfaces that leave unsightly wand marks behind. H2O use surface cleaners that allow us to clean the flat surfaces surrounding your home in a quick and efficient manner.
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Why should you use only low-pressure to wash your home? Pressure washers are great tool, if used correctly. However, many companies don’t realize the damage they are causing when they use high water pressure to clean your home. Too much water pressure can strip paint and loosen siding, causing water intrusion issues to your home. With H2O, you don’t have to worry about that. We use low-pressure methods to wash your house to make sure you have the safest and best house wash possible.

When we wash a house, we apply a cleaning mixture, allow it to dwell and then rinse. it’s that simple. The key to our low-pressure washing method is to let the mix do all the work so the water pressure doesn’t have to. Even though our cleaning mixture is safe for your plants and lawn,we complete the job by rinsing all the plants to make sure they are not harmed during the process.

From time to time, low-pressure house washing is necessary to remove unsightly mold,dirt,spider webs and grime. House washing includes all of your home’s siding, doors, windows and trim, soffits, fascia and gutters.



We like to leave our customers with no surprises here is our residential window cleaning process in detail so you know what to expect when your hire H2O.

1) We open each window to wipe down the tracks and sills. This removes any spider webs and loose dirt from inside the window casing.

2) We scrub your windows with a professional window cleaning solution and squeegee the glass clean. Our cleaning solution leaves no streaks and is safe for solar film. When necessary, we will remove paint and other stubborn debris with glass scrapers.(Additional charge may apply for scraping) We detail the edges of the glass with lint free towels and wipe up any excess solution from the window frame and sills.

A few hours later, you can sit back, relax and enjoy your sparkling windows!

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Gutters overflowing with debris can create hundreds of dollars in repair costs. Under the weight of heavy, wet leaves, gutters will pull away from the house when they overflow and the fascia behind them will rot. Why spend your weekends perched on an unpredictable ladder? We remove debris from your gutters up to Three stories tall and can get your downspouts flowing freely. Most of our gutter cleaning is performed by hand or by blowing them out. We use blowers to clean up everything on the ground.


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